Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mistah J's Debut!

I was right! haha We got the new male model in Sculpture class today. Instead of starting right away on the new piece, I wanted desperately to finish Harley as much as possible. So I basically spent the morning class working on her and the afternoon working on the Joker.

This was how Harley looked on Sunday night. That's the Joker's armature behind her. (Yeah- THAT's how stoked I was! I went ahead and made his armature before class!) XD In my excitement, I made him waaaaaaay too tall, but that's better than being too short. I also located some references.

Today in class, I essentially "finished" Harley Quinn! I still want to draw in seams on her outfit and I need to draw in the diamonds on the costume, but she is FINISHED! The cuffs on her wrists are sealed, the boot flaps are there, even the little balls on her hat and the collar. I am SO STOKED with how she came out!!!!

(For those wondering- yeah, I hand-cut out that collar. I've never sculpted something so thin and flat in clay before. I had to bevel all the edges and rake them down gently. It felt insane to do, but it came out so GREAT!)
I cannot believe that she was once just wire frame. I am really impressed with myself. I know that isn't something you are supposed to say for fear of coming off as conceited or whatever, but I am!

I failed to take a picture of the Joker's armature wire before I threw the aluminum foil and clay on him, so this is all you get. Sorry!

I know the decision to give him a great big girl head with pink/purple hair won't be a popular one, but- WAIT A MINUTE!
Oops... Sorry. Wrong picture.

There we go. That's better. Yeah- he looks almost like an ancient Greek piece right now, but not for long! Going full graphic again! He's gotta match his lady.
However, he weighs a TON right now. We didn't have a whole lot of aluminum foil in class today, so that clay is mostly that- CLAY! And it's HEAVY! So I will be performing a surgery on him- to cut his torso open, add more foil to the armature, carve out the torso, then sealing it back together. YAY!

I keep looking at the Joker references I have, and- I must confess- I am a little scared about this one. Harley is a lot of pretty curves. Joker is a lot of straights and points! Finding a way to render that in clay is going to be... "interesting", let's say. But I am pretty freaking excited to start! Keep an eye out for more updates!

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