Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween SNEAK PEEK!

For you only, my blog-readers! Presenting the graphic design for my Halloween costume this year!

Everyone be safe and have a good time tonight!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Work! Well- old "new" work!

Now that Joker is completely finished, save for affixing them to a new stand, I am starting work on a new piece! Only... it's old. But it's new again!

Long story short, I started this sculpture last year, at the beginning of the semester before Harley! But... I didn't finish her before the new model came in (slow worker!), and got wrapped up with Harley, so this lady took a back seat. She just sat on top of my cube for ages. Now, I am pulling her back out and starting again. I have to fix some heinous anatomy errors and add her little "friend" on the end of the wire coming out of her arm. I so want to keep what it is a secret as long as I can- I dunno why.

I am making her a little more "lumpy" now, so that when I refine and polish her, I will still have some of that mass left. I want her- not "ripped"- but well defined. Taut, if you will. Except in certain places. Grr! Too confusing to explain it, even to myself! Basically, she's gonna be a BADASS!
I am modeling he after one of baddest badasses I know- Grace Jones!

The last image is all you get for a tease as to what she is holding.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A little motivational phrase for you readers.

Read this again today and since he was one of my first artistic inspirations and influences, I felt the need to share.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” ~ Michelangelo

I have always been one for setting my goal too high - and I have suffered REPEATEDLY for it! XD But eventually, you dust yourself off, and set a new goal (~still~ perhaps a little too high), and start over. Or at least, you SHOULD! If you hit that disappointment, and dejected and depressed, you just quit - then you will start to regret something else entirely: Never trying.

When I was in my younger, less-driven days, I did- well, SAID- I would do a lot of things. Like go to art school. HAHA! But I never actually DID anything about it! I just kept talking and talking and talking. Suddenly, ten years had passed and all my friends, who talked a lot less, had already gotten degrees and were starting their next phase. I was still sitting there, talking.

Now, I regret waiting less, but it's still there. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like now if I'd just DONE the things I talked about WHEN I talked about them. But rather than stew on it, I set new goals. Big, high ones. And if I fail- SO WHAT?! Better that than setting a low goal, achieving it, and not being challenged again in my life.

The final takeaway is: Don't quit. No goal is too high. And from a personal place- and it's NEVER too late.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


To celebrate my 200th blog post, I present The Joker! FINISHED!

That's right! He is DONE! I finished him today in John Mahoney's sculpture classes. Took me about *counts* 9 hours to paint him, with the white base already on.

Okay, I admit. I only took this one because he looked creepy! XD hehe

The lapel was gonna be a beast, I thought, until my friend Sydney suggested I use a pink pompom. So I went down to the Costume shop last week, hoping they might have ONE pink pompom. I thought perhaps I could paint one if they had them, but not in the right color, but just looking at them, they weren't what I wanted. And the only ones they had were cotton ball sized. I was told that I could rifle through their lace and trims boxes if I wanted. In one of the boxes was a horrible embroidery ribbon thing, attached to PINK TASSEL! It was the perfect color! I cut off just the tassels and ran back to class like I had found the Golden Ticket! (Sorry, Costume Shop. You have about 2 inches of just ugly embroidery ribbon now...)

How I ended up making it was by gluing one end to the end of a thin wire that I could then just stick into his jacket (but the wire promptly came off), and wrapped it around until it was about the size I needed. With the wire now gone, I rolled the glued end into a tight little wad (see Photo 1). I then trimmed them to about the length I wanted. I was just going to attach it with some hot glue, but I didn't want that ruining the appearance of it, when I suddenly got the idea to DIG into the Chavant. So I drew a little circle about the same size and hollowed it out (see Photo 2). (I ended up having to trim the length again when I saw how big it was once in.) I then stuck the hot glue gun in the hole (see Photo 3) and hit the trigger! As fast as I could, I shoved the glued end of the pompom in the hole and TA-DA!!! Joker's pink lapel flower!
Photo 1                                                       Photo 2                                                       Photo 3

I love this SO much better than the clay one I was trying to make!

Overall, I am BEYOND happy with how he came out. Seeing him only in Chavant for so long, he was starting to wear on me, I guess? But the second I painted his shoes black and his hair black, he began to POP!
Like his counterpart- Harley, I wanted him to look almost more like a vinyl toy rather than clay. (Call me a weirdo.) And I think that really worked out well here. They look (and FEEL, thanks to the acrylic paint) like plastic. SO much fun to touch! <3

Now, the last thing to do is to mount them together on the new base I got from Michael's today! So freaking excited! It feels so good to finish a big project like this!

LET'S MAKE ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!- What do you say?!

"Oh, Harleeeeeey! I got you a little present!"