Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Day Later...

I was on RA duty today in the dorms and rather than trying to figure out how to paint the backgrounds for my film and transporting it all around, I decided to work on the Harley Quinn sculpture instead. I seriously just thought it would be good to throw a few more hours at it before class on Tuesday, since I believe, we are getting the male model in for the next piece. (Hint: It will be the Joker! XD )

Okay, actually, I don't know if that is true or not... But that is what ~I~ will be turning him into. I want a companion to my Harley- and her pose only works in my head if she is trying to seduce/entice Mr. J.

So... after 7? hours- and with the exception of a few of the finer details- she is essentially DONE! @.@ The wrist things now need to be shortened (because her wrists are so much thinner now) and attached, her boots need their little flap things, the little balls on her hat need to be made and attached, and her collar and diamonds needs to be made. But really, I think that is it!

She is all smoothed out with rakes. I need to heat/ice up her foot because I cracked it while moving it into a better position, but that will take a whole of five minutes... But after I hit her with the alcohol and a fine brush, she should be perfect! I can't believe how I am seeing her now. I can already imagine what she will look like with the paint! EEEEEE!!!! SO EXCITED!

In other wild news, all four of my voice actresses have confirmed that they are in! I will record audio this week! OMG! A lot of things seem to suddenly be going well and I am TERRIFIED that it will stop prematurely. PLEASE let's ride this wave? Please gimme a break? I need this!

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