Friday, October 25, 2013

Film studies

Just posting a few of these. I've fallen behind. Been doing these every week and I am enjoying them immensely!

The films I've drawn from are Upside Down (2012), American Beauty (1999), and To Kill A Mockingbird (1962).

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I've figured it out! HOLY CRAP!


Lord, help me! Why did I decide to do this?! I haven't even started yet and I know I am going to regret this, but holy crap, I'm gonna do it!

I am so totally pumped!

...... by the by... does anyone know how to make someone look like a badass?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

He finally has a face!

So, I'm not sure, but I might have missed one update on the Kyros sculpture. Whatever! Here's the update. After class last week- and for the long weekend- I decided to really have a go at Kyros and try to move him along since we were starting a new sculpture this week.

I worked on him for almost 9 hours!? (How the EFF is ~THAT~ possible?!?!) Anyway, now he has a face! Both feet. And a hand. He's only missing details in the face, the other hand and his top portion of his chiton, along with the fibulas. After we finish this new sculpture, I will go back and finish Kyros for good. I must say- I am very happy with how he has come out.

He always looks so funny from high up to me.

And I really want to find a way to make the gaps under his arms better... I hate the weird gap they leave. Like it's too big or something....

I also must say- I could not be happier with his profile.

Lookit that gorgeous hand! LOVE that hand! Must make the other look just as good.

Also, just as the stupidest "SNEAK PEEK" ever- here's the beginning of the next sculpture!

Doesn't that just whet your appetite!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Back in the Display Case!

Whoa... This is in the hall this week.

This is the most artwork I have had in the cases in... three years! Part of me is THRILLED! The rest of me is going, "WTH?! My class makes some great work! Why is mine in there?!"

I am seriously loving my Illustration and Sculpture classes with John Mahoney. I don't know if I am doing anything spectacular or anything, but what I ~am~ making in those classes is making me happy. And honestly- isn't that enough?
Speaking of Sculpture, I have made a little more progress on Kyros.

He has feet now as well as some ankles. He still needs calves and thighs. Hands are a WIP. They are also going to be one of the most difficult parts, I suspect.

Granted, he's not where he needs to be for me to finish him on time, hence why I plan to attack him like a maniac on Monday (holiday! YAY!). Basically, if I can have EVERYTHING done on him except maybe the hands and his clothes, I would be BEYOND happy!
I want to be ready on Tuesday at class to start on the next piece- a live model is coming in. I am actually totally pumped about starting another piece. I want to bring in a serious element of the surreal/supernatural to the human pose. Either by giving her a crazy pet or making her half-something, etc. I have seen some amazing sculpture pieces that I would like to keep in mind when I make her. Essentially, I want to go out of my comfort zone.

Beyond that, I sent in a progress file of my third year film. What's animated is animated, what's not- is... not. I'm not happy about it, but I am proud of how much I have done. So- blah!

Animation is hard. It takes a lot of time and work and dedication. If I hadn't had the life I had this summer, it might have been more complete, but then again- it might not have been worked on at all, if I hadn't had some of the amazing opportunities I had. I am grateful to those who made that possible and I do not regret all of the things I had to miss out on due to my promise to this film. I have had to say no to a lot of offers to go out and hang out and have fun because of my responsibility to this film.

I'm not saying that I didn't have ANY fun this summer- I did! I went to Disneyland, I saw the Getty for the first time and I learned a lot about myself. I have grown- maybe not because of this film- but certainly WITH it! Besides, I will finish it someday. It's my baby. I am still in love with this film.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Film Grammar with Bruce Block

So, I am taking the amazing Bruce Block's Film Grammar class this year and it's kind of taking us back to the basics and pushing us forward (in huge, giant, humungous leaps) all that the same time.

Did I just use three adjectives that all mean the same thing? YES! Wanna make something of it?!

Anyway! We were working on Space. He asked that I redo four of the six pieces requested for the homework and rather than kill myself with Photoshop (which, I have discovered, that I have gotten very out-of-date with?! WTF?!), I decided to switch to photography (which I am enjoying more and more and, honestly, I feel I can control better). The results are very much to my liking. I tried to create a story with each one.
What do you think? What's going on in your opinion?

And all of my characters/models are basically volunteers- whom I can never thank enough.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kyros Sculpture: Update

Here it is! Week 3!

Decided I would do a quick little update before I head to bed. Had Sculpture class today (I so look forward to this class, even when I feel as rotten as I felt today) and got to start refining Kyros' body. I really need to start working on that poor face!

I am REALLY glad with the way he is coming out. I don't think I want to smooth out his muscles. I really like the stringy look. I will consult with John as to what to do for the final. I finally got a guitar string from a guy here at school so I can make my own rake. I am SO stoked!

ENJOY the pics!

My Kyros with his live-action model, as you can see. Notice the hunched back, the long ears, the beard. Yeah, I am truly thrilled at how I am able to capture the resemblance... XD

I am guessing it is pretty obvious where I spent the majority of class... I LOVE how this is coming out.

I also love the sunken in chest. I love how it feels and now how it looks. It's a shame I will have to cover it with his chiton. Though I am chomping at the bit to maybe do some fabric wrinkles in it, even though his film design doesn't have it.

I am so happy- he finally has wrists!

NIGHT, all!