Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reality of Decisions- No Illusions.

"Long story short: you may have to give up a lot of things that other people take for granted in order to live the dream. Are you willing to do it? Are you willing to rent a shabby apartment in a rough neighborhood while your friends are buying their first (or maybe even second) home? Are you willing to drive a 14-year-old car long after your friends with a steady salary have new ones? Are you willing to finish a hard day of work at the job you love — to go work another 5 hours at a part-time job you hate, just to pay the bills?

These are the REAL questions you have to ask yourself before jumping off the “follow your dreams” cliff. If you’re willing to tackle those risks and consequences, then you’re ready to follow your dreams. If not, you may want to re-think them."

*nod nod nod*

Sadly, these are questions I have already asked myself and have already conceded to.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Possibility of being missed...

I have this strange custom at my work, where randomly, and for no other reason than I think that it's funny, I will run towards a pair of French doors (that lead to our Embroidery department) in a comical fashion and "splat" myself against the glass, making a retarded smooshed expression... I have done this for at least as long as we have been in our new building and the Embroidery ladies both seem to think it is humorous as well, since I frequently make them laugh.

This morning, I did this again- making a wholly new and fun splat shape. I opened the door to talk to my now-laughing co-worker and was shut up immediately when she said, "We are really going to miss that..."

As much as I know that I am leaving my job in 45 days (WOOT!!!!), and the state in 48 (WOOT WOOT!) and everything... nothing anyone has said to me yet made me feel like I will truly be missed by people here. I know ~I~ will miss people, but... I truly felt sad. Sad that I wouldn't be able to see and mess around with my coworkers...

Naturally, I immediately began planning how to make a large photo of myself in a wonky splat position so that we could make a huge digital print and stick it to the door, so I will be with them forever! XD