Saturday, August 18, 2012

Laptop is back in action!

Okay, granted, it's been back in action for a while now, but I have had to replace all the programs- which, as you can imagine, is taking some time.  That has also hindered me from working on stuff.  Never realized how much I utilized Photoshop in a day-to-day capacity...

So!  Now I am back!  I no longer have FOUR part-time jobs (yeah- don't ask...) and I am a HAPPY GIRL!  I have no idea what is making me so happy, but I won't question!  I just want to revel in BEING happy!

So film work is continuing, as is my storyboard exercises this summer.  Not a whole lot of time before school starts again- EEE!!!  SO EXCITED!  So, here's hoping that lots of doodles and stuff will being heading this way shortly.  Hope you guys enjoy it!