Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Harley Quinn sculpture- finished

WARNING!: This is an image-heavy post.

So, I am falling a little behind on posting pics- but I finished the Harley sculpture on March 2nd. (I wish I were still in the routine of taking in progress pictures at the end of each class, but my current schedule doesn't allow me that time, strange as it sounds.) I am unbelievably proud of how she came out, I must say.

I dedicated my entire day to finishing her off, once and for all. I drew in the diamonds, painted a base coat and then the final acrylic paint.

Then it was a couple of thin coats of white paint, careful not to get too thick anywhere. I didn't want to lose ANY detail! After that it was thin coats of red and finally the black! OMG! SO MUCH TIME!

Suddenly the last thing left to do was the face and hands. (OMG, don't even get me STARTED on the hands! I will NEVER, EVER sculpt hands like ~that~ again!) But once that was done- HOT DOG! I had a FINISHED SCULPTURE! And it only took me EIGHTEEN HOURS! XD

So now my pretty girl is all done and ready for her close-up. (And now she's on my business card!) *heart*

Now that Harley is all done, I am trying to attack my Joker sculpture as fast as I can for Portfolio Day- a week from today. GAH! He may be a rough sculpture- not painted, but I sincerely want him out there with Harley if I can. I mean, I guess at some point I need to commit- will it be Asterope or Joker who goes out to Portfolio Day? I honestly can't decide at the moment. I have the companion piece for both finished. I just have to pick which pair is stronger.

As a progress piece for Joker: I hated the massive amounts of Chavant I had to use on him, so I decided to rip it all off, and add more aluminum foil. It took a while to finaggle, but I did it!

I will try to grab new pictures of Joker soon- he's starting to look like something now. I am a little stoked. Some people in my class are planning another sculpture marathon (aka: A "sculpt-a-thon") this weekend. I may have a completely rough Joker by the end of it. Wish me luck!

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