Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day 131 of 365

Wait... what day is it?

This isn't the only thing I have on the burner right now. Too many projects and not enough hours in the day!

Really looking forward to fixing these.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 125 of 365

"Apprised in time of the visit paid him, Monte Cristo had, from behind the blinds of his pavilion, as minutely observed the baron, by means of an excellent lorgnette, as Danglars himself had scrutinized the house, garden, and servants. "That fellow has a decidedly bad countenance," said the count in a tone of disgust, as he shut up his glass into its ivory case. "How comes it that all do not retreat in aversion at sight of that flat, receding, serpent-like forehead, round, vulture-shaped head, and sharp-hooked nose, like the beak of a buzzard?" - The Count of Monte Cristo

A work-in-progress.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 123 of 365

My second of four Celtic knots I have planned. Unfortunately, will be redoing BOTH the Oak and this Birch one because of errors. The Oak knot is wrong and this one, I hate the BG color. The yellow leaves were supposed to be vivid and bright, but I misjudged and made the BG too close. My own fault.... I love orange! Live and learn.... But think of it as a bonus for you guys. More art from me!

The next one will be so much better!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 114 of 365

I finally got to meet my pots today! (Yes, I know the sentence reads funny, but as I see it- a pot is three separate identities.
1- greenware: in it's infancy. Which it may not survive in the kiln. It is still malleable.
2- bisque: it's adolescence. It has survived it's first firing. No more changes can be made to it's shape. Glazes applied.
3- glazed: it is now in it's final form. It survived the second firing. It is sometimes completely unrecognizable from it's first state.

Just my opinion.)

Anyway! They survived! and some unexpected- yet DELIGHTFUL- things occurred!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 109 of 365

Came home today determined to draw! DETERMINED! Despite a weird day at work.

So I sat down and just started doodling this. Totally inspired by a new sketchbook I saw at work by Mattias Adolfsson (Check his stuff out!!!) and by The Secret of Kells. ... OB-viously!

I did not allow myself to make it "perfect", as is my habit. OCD sucks but is also awesome on stuff like this. But after looking at Mattais' stuff, I wanted to just PUSH through. Tried not to nit-pick it.
Watercolor will be going on this. Perhaps tomorrow. Looking forward to trying to make the knot look like wood.

Monday, April 17, 2017

My baby's still got it!

I have tried to not post too much photography here because I want it to be hand-drawn art (with the exception of my animator portraits, of course!) but I have to post this!

This is a photo my camera- my 14 year old camera!- captured of my friend Jennifer's macaw, Captain Jack when we went out to see the mega-bloom of poppies two(?) weekends ago. Finally processed it last night.

I am VERY impressed with the sharpness on a camera this old! I am DELIGHTED that she is still a good camera. She's having a very hard time in low-light conditions, but it's just really nice to know that she can still capture hairs and feathers and everything!