Friday, July 1, 2016

Drawing through the pain

Life drawing last night was the incomparable Daniella Traub. This woman can hold some FANTASTIC poses! Plus, she's all leg- hahaha! She came dressed as some sort of 60's mod girl or something, and the first thing I thought of was a 60's alien girl, which eventually rolled a little into 50's carhop. Anyway, it was fun! With the exception of some bad pain in my right (read: drawing) elbow from a long and hard work week, everything was great.

However, by this point in the night, the pain in my elbow had become immense. Instead of quitting and wrapping up for the night, I shifted to my left hand and finished out the night. I put all of the left-handed sketches together in chronological order so you can see- as I did- how my hand started to cope quickly.

Would love to play with some of these later and see what happens. Keep drawing, guys! <3