Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Big News: The Annies!

So here is the big secret! I had the unbelievable opportunity to volunteer for the 42nd (HHGTTG ref here) Annies Awards on Saturday! I got to work behind the scenes and see the script being worked on, help set-up for the event and then attend! Seeing everyone from the industry there and cheer them on as they won awards from their peers was AWESOME! I didn't get a lot of chances to take photos, but here are a few!


Good lord, when everyone was making their way in, the sound
was enormous! It just rattled the entire building! Everyone talking at once- reconnecting with old co-workers, bumping into friends, greeting the significant others, whatever it was- it was GLORIOUS!

My view of the stage from my seat. I loved being a gargoyle and looking down below at all the winners. The best dressed of the night HAD to be the two guys in tuxes with glow-in-the-dark light strips on them- like TRON! XD And Converse, of course.


Me walking the red carpet... sort of. haha! We were actually in the Green Room. And if anyone asks.... I have NO IDEA what happened to that missing trophy! Never saw it! <.< >.> *shifty eyes*

I think the biggest shock for me was that TWO of my classmates (not just "CalArts alum", but my ACTUAL CLASSMATES) were up for awards that night! My second year cubemate, Louise Smythe and everyone's favorite epic animation guy, Toniko Pantoja. I was so happy for them both to be acknowledged for their amazing work, and yes, sad that they did not win- but MAN! It was good to see them both again at the party.