Friday, August 28, 2009

Dusty Illusions

Old posts from the forums... Stuff I'd like to keep in mind for various reasons.

But then again, the fine artists don't seem to take the time to learn any technique at all. It's all theory for them. I just personally respect a piece of art a lot more when it has thought behind it along with an equal amount of skill used to create it.

This goes for my program, too. A lot of people are so eager to get right into "art" mode but are too lazy to grind it out and learn technique/craft/skill. How can you possibly understand how to push the boundaries of an art form when you are so arrogant to disregard what has been done before you?

Picasso was revolutionary in art history but he worked his ass off to understand design, painting, drawing before trying new things. I agree with that philosophy. I think what I get frustrated about is that I see too many people around calarts bullshitting their way through school and I'm often left wondering what the hell everyone is raving about.

Mario (again):
Anyway, there is animosity towards the students (like myself) who have the mindset and expectation of getting a job right after school because to many people, this path has less artistic integrity to it. It's the same old story. The commercial artists vs. the independent artists. Neither is right or wrong. it's just what you choose to do.

Mario once again:
great thing about Pixar is that they have the trust from the public unlike most other studios. They decided to put out quality and that's what people associate with their films. Even when times are shitty for CG animation, the one studio that will remain successful is Pixar. Everyone back home who watched Cars recently said they loved it! Even with all the criticism that people will throw at Pixar they will prevail without a doubt. I have the greatest respect for them because of their dedication to quality.
(Sure wish he would post on the forums again)

May add more later.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3D Illusions

"Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world."

-Walt Disney


I just saw an ad for Toy Story and Toy Story 2- playing TOGETHER- in theaters IN 3D!!!!!!!!
Both films for the price of one! Can you believe it?! SO AWESOME!

Starts October 2nd and for TWO WEEKS ONLY! Midnite showing- HERE I COME! ... if they have one... And if it doesn't even play in this damn city- I WILL GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I must see these films! IN 3D! XD

I feel like a little kid all over! XD Hehehehehe

Monday, August 3, 2009

Troubled, Worried Thoughts

I am so conflicted lately.

I know no one really reads this- this is almost more just for me to put it down somewhere and try to get all of this out of my head... Otherwise, I think I might go crazy.

All I can think about is school, art, school, art, school, and art... Also, my mind seems to finally be starting to wake up from it's hibernation. (This would be almost 3 years now it's been asleep.) My mind is starting to perk up in the late hours of the night/ early hours of the morning- the time back in high school that I was MOST active with my art.... When I got all my good ideas, when I did my best work. To be possibly coming back into that is a thrill I cannot even begin to describe. It almost gives me hope that should I be accepted to a school- yes, at this point I am not even just saying one in particular- that I may perhaps fulfill what I will need to do. I am so completely aware of the amount of work that will be expected of me. And though I relish the idea of it- of working on something that ISN'T my job- I worry that I may be getting too old to do it with the zeal of my younger days and fellow artists.

But I am also struggling with this whole concept of style and where I am going with my work. It's like- one minute, I will be so completely THRILLED at something I've drawn, then the next second, it seems, I am back in the dark, wondering what the hell went wrong between the drawings... I like some of the experiments I've been doing, but also it kind of feels like it's not "me". Like maybe I am trying too hard to do something else. I dunno... I'm also bored with the "classical" work I've been doing. Like- "Oh, okay- ANYONE could have done THAT! How blasé!" And yet- this is the kind of stuff that back in high school I would have given up my LEFT HAND FOR!

Have I perhaps come that far? Or have I not moved an inch? What am I doing? Where am I going with all of this? What is it that I am trying to say?

Or do I truly have anything worth saying at all?

Again- as no one truly reads this journal, as of yet, these questions are more for me. To try to understand myself and my work, what I am trying to do and where I am trying to go with it. They are questions that MUST be answered before I jump into that void, otherwise I am lost to the blackness.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drawing- Always Drawing

I feel like I am not drawing enough. I joined the Art League of Houston today, so now, I will officially be attending life drawing sessions twice a week (including The Artery every Wednesday) and Dr. Sketchy's (you know, for the fun of it...) once a month. And I am so totally not drawing enough... I need more. I filled 100 sheets of newsprint and had to buy a new pad of it today and I still feel like I am not doing enough.

I'm just not drawing enough. I should be doing more somehow. And none of my stuff seems any good. feh... I like some of it for a little while, then I'm just like- enh! How the heck am I going to come up with enough pieces to show schools at National Portfolio Day in October- LET ALONE MY ACTUAL PORTFOLIOS to submit for schools- if all my stuff keeps looking like crap?! *slump* Why did the year have to start flying by on me? It used to drag and draaaaag, now I'm looking at due dates in less than four months!!

Gawd, it really does seem like forever ago when I was in this EXACT situation for the first time... Wow! Time sure can fly on you! A smidge over a year ago is when I joined the zoo, started going to Dr. Sketchy's for the first time and felt like I could breathe again because I was drawing once more. NOW look at me! Drawing lots, filling my sketchbook (probably will finish this one by the time I submit it) and thinking, thinking, thinking about school constantly. I truly can't wait. I want it so badly.