Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Storyboard Cardio

Had an assignment to board in 90 panels or less, in THREE HOURS, our choice of two characters in a location- and one character wanted something from the other.  I picked Dracula, old man, and the DMV.  I feel like I utterly failed on this somehow...  Waiting on notes.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Storyboard Studies- Star Wars

So, I had an assignment to do storyboard studies of the Luke/Vader fight scene from SW: ESB as practice this summer.  Been working on it as much as I can, but not finished yet.  I don't know if I want to at this point...  I am actually...  *takes a deep breath* ...a little sick of Star Wars....  >.<  PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!!!

It's just that, on top of the Han in Carbonite scene, I have been boarding Star Wars off and on for a year....  I need to work on something else.  But for now- here it is- the work I have done so far.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Work and STUFF!

Hi all,

Just a quick update to post that I am happy this summer!  Got a new roomie, have finished the Star Wars boards, am starting a new storyboard assignment- ALSO Star Wars (NOT my choice this time, it was actually assigned by someone else)- and am studying anatomy again.

Also, I got a temp job this week working in the cubes, so money is on the way!  I will survive!  Art time is being cut significantly, but that's okay!  Have to eat first- art second!  haha!  Still no access to scanner.  May start shooting some of the work I am doing with crappy camera, then upload.  Any input on that?  Still writing <I>nearly</I> every day...  So this summer is just full of things that are making me happy.  I feel fulfilled.  Things are, oddly, looking up!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer work Pt.3

Yesterday, I finished boarding the Star Wars scene!  211 boards!  Now I just need to shade them.  Then, when school starts back up again, I will scan the rest in, and time them out to the actual scene.  Massive geek points!  XD  hahahaha!

In other news, it appears that I will not be seeing Prometheus opening weekend...  Work today is preventing me from going with my friends.  (All the other showings were sold out.)  So once again, I am missing out...  And I was so looking forward to this movie too.

Writing continues.  I think I have a very solid story idea for this year's film.  I am REALLY excited about it.  Now I just need to hammer this thing to a perfect story!  Mwa-ha!  (In related news, I saw a shooting star last night during our apartment building's power outage.  Sadly, the first thing that came to mind- after, "OMFG!  I SAW A SHOOTING STAR!"- was "Please god let me make a good film this year- and finish it!"  I am hopeless.)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer work Pt.2

So, I have been writing almost every day this summer.  If I were a better person, I would be able to say every day, but I can't.  The yucky part is that- for all the work I've done, I can't show you guys.  Writing is just not the same as pretty pictures, is it?

I missed going to the zoo yesterday because of work.  It sucks, but- "gotta have goals", right?  XD  (Thank you, Pretty Woman for supplying me with life advice!)  But I still hope to go at some point this summer- hopefully repeatedly.

Worked a bit on cleaning up my Star Wars boards last night.  (I might have finished too, if it weren't for friends and a distraction called Team Fortress....)  I have about half the scene done, I think.  I will try to head to school tomorrow to do some more.  Unfortunately, the scanners will be going down tonight, so no updates on the blog until the labs open up again.  Sorry guys- I know you were all waiting with baited breathe for that....

Which is why you are all blue in the face now.....

And dead....

Which is why no one ever comments....  XD  I crack myself up....  *sigh*