Sunday, November 13, 2011

Missed Friday yet again...

Okay, since I missed the update date again, I will try to appease you few readers with some artwork!

This is all life drawing from last year/semester. As the day goes on and I collect more drawings I like, I will add more to this post. Please forgive me!?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Waiting on my laundry...

So I missed my update of Friday again... I am starting to wonder if I should just change it to Saturdays? XD But then again- I have a lot of very busy-looking Saturdays coming up, so then I would miss those.... whatever! I am updating!

(and guess who got the dysfunctional dryer.... AGAIN!) ~_~

So, lots of stuff is happening at school... Not all of it great, but busy. I am truly excited some of the upcoming stuff too! OMG! I wish I could tell you, like... two, readers about it!

So this is what Animation classes are like- we get to sit in a huge room, with a HUGE projector and watch AWESOME movies! Like Iron Giant! XD Actually, we just watched a smidge of it- this is Layout class with Dan. We are learning about lighting and how it affects a scene, I think.
(Oh yeah.... the guy with the AMAZING hair in front is Jason Reicher- bad-ass extraordinaire!)

Here's what I looked like in class that day... Because, you know, it was HALLOWEEN and NOT because I am some freaky art school kid! pshaw! As if! I got a lot of compliments and a LOT of people asking what I was.... I had to admit that in fact the only reason I did all that painting was so that I could wear the black feather eyelashes! XD They were AWESOME! And so light! (But I felt like I was wearing a hat or a hoodie all day...)

And this is me when I read about dance for my Modern Dance History class.... I can't help it.... I miss dance... And anytime I read about it, I want to do stuff... XD *is embarrassed and proud at the same time...* I am a complex person! XD *snort*

So Friday night, the 48 Hour Films were announced. The inculpable and amazing Mr. Tom Law is running the show. And what did I happen to see in front of me today at the James Baxter lecture? Oh, Mr. Law had shaved this into his hair! XD Tom- you totally win.

Now how about some actual ART on my blog?! YES?!
My roomie, Hannah, and I are both hoping to go into story someday, so we decided to do a little practicing. We put on Forrest Gump and paused every few scenes and had 5 minutes to board the shot. It was MEGA-FUN to do and I hope she and I can do it every week.

And here are the "finished" Star Wars boards I did. I've been working on them off and on for a few weeks. They make me happy. What you are seeing are 9 of 130 BOARDS and I am STILL not done with the entire scene! I have killed countless markers (and I bought more today...) and while I can't really use them for much since Star Wars is heavily copyrighted or whatever, I am thinking of scanning them all in and timing them out exactly to the film during Winter Break and having them as an animatic. Any thoughts?

To top the evening off- I just got to swing dance in the Main Gallery! <3 I love this school...

Also- I got new jammie pants today! XD They're orange (fav color) with polar bears all over them (my grandfather's favorite animal!). I had to have them!