Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Working with Eric Goldberg on The Simpsons Couch Gag

Another long silence from me. Things have been rough- still looking for solid work that will enable me to consider myself finally "in" this industry. Not gonna lie- it's as rough as a few teachers tried to warn me...

However, some good news! On Sunday, I was FINALLY able to reveal a secret I've been hiding for quite some time! I got the opportunity of a LIFETIME to work with the legendary Disney animator, Eric Goldberg (of Aladdin's Genie-fame, also Hercules' Phil, Princess & the Frog's Louis, etc.) on a Simpsons Couch Gag! I helped peg all of the backgrounds and did the rough inbetweening of the Lisa Transformation sequence, animated by the amazing Dale Baer. It was an AMAZING experience, one that I will never forget and probably one that will never come around again. I am forever grateful to Eric for allowing me to be on his team.

It aired on Sunday, but was posted to Cartoon Brew somehow on Friday. So- presenting for your viewing pleasure: Eric Goldberg's Couch Gag!

This project will always have a very strange emotional tie for me. I was working on this project when I got the call about my grandmother passing away. I only wish I had told her about it before she died. She would have been so proud.

My friend Samus caught this photo of my name in the credits. So there it is- otherwise, I might never have believed it myself!