Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sculpture Update in two parts!

I hate when I disappear for a month without updating! Especially for progress pictures of the Harley sculpture! She has changed SO MUCH in- what? Three weeks since my last update?

And here's the sad part, I don't have any current pictures of her! If I make it to my cube today, I will most certainly take a few then post them. I am so proud of how she is turning out! I am making sure to keep the graphic feel, but at the same time, trying to use all the principles they've been drilling into our heads here for the past four years. The one that constantly keeps coming to mind while working on her is straights vs. curves! (The other is one of the oldest principles ever in sculpture- NEGATIVE SPACE!) XD I am not really doing anything drastic on her anymore. The shoulders have been cut down, the arms thinned, the knees and ankles thinned down, the heels have been shortened, and just last class, ...

Well, in mid-sentence, my computer decided to have a little fit and had to be put in the corner (shut down). Picking back up.

What was I saying? "and just last class", uhhh... OH! I sliced off her hands and sculpted two separate hands then wove them together. (As opposed to the clump of clay I had at the end of her wrists that I intended to carve out. Additive vs. Subtractive methods of Sculpture, for the win?) I was having a really hard time carving her fingers out and making them look ROUND and not square. I saved the clump of hands, just in case I couldn't successfully make the fingers weave. Sadly (or is it Happily?), they worked out PERFECTLY! They need to be refined a bit and brushed down so they look slick, but they do indeed look like hands- so, the clump is out for good.
I will admit, I had the new LAIKA trailer for The Boxtrolls stuck in my head then entire time I was making the hands.
And OF COURSE, the second hand took like a third of the time the first did!
While the computer was in time-out, I went to the Main Building and took the progress pictures I mentioned in Part 1. A LOT of them. I also made a bunch of new rakes! EEEEE! SO EXCITED! (Why am I not trying to get hired to make sculptures all day, again?)

So here we go! More pics!

In the picture of the leg, you can see where I am adding wrinkles to her costume. The bottom-most wrinkle has been smoothed out, the others are just little worms of clay stuck on with no blending at all. If under the right conditions, they would just fall off! XD

The frilly things on her wrists aren't closed yet, I just want to keep them there to be safe. It's one of those things where I'm REALLY excited about putting that part on, so I'm rushing it a little- you know? I made one of them like three weeks ago and didn't put it on, but didn't protect it either... I put it in my tool box and it actually survived (man, Hard Chavant, you are hardcore!) but after putting it on her wrist over and over and over again to see how it looked, I cracked it. I had to melt more Chavant and put it in the extruder and make a whole new one. Blah. I mean- it's totally fun, but it wastes TIIIIIIIIIME! XD I just want to FINISH this thing so badly!

I think that's all for this update. I hope to work on her tomorrow while I am on RA duty. We shall see. Bye guys!

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