Monday, September 29, 2014

Portfolio stuff and stuff

I recently discovered how this blog actually works and what all I can do with it besides just post idiotic ramblings of the naive nature, so I am working on developing some portfolio pages. I am totally excited about it, actually. Just a chance to showcase some of my work, which I believed to be not all that good until semi-recently. Well, I should say it's a work in progress.

If there is one thing, dear readers, that you should know about me, it's that I am VERY strict on myself, especially when it comes to my work. As a result, I noticed (during my recent re-read of my old entries) that I hardly ever posted artwork. Like- NONE! AT ALL! (I mean, I almost didn't even post my films!) That is a true disservice to myself and what I went through at CalArts. Thankfully, people are working with me to try to get me to admit that I AM talented, and I can make good work. But... it's a process. I can't just come out and say stuff like that. It sounds conceited.

Also, I am still trying to find the level where I feel the progress I have made. I want to be able to see some growth in my work, and usually, I just don't. At least, not compared to the progress I see in others. Part of the reason this is is that I don't practice as much as they do. And that hurts to admit. I don't draw as much as I should. But I am trying. I am trying to get back on that horse. I am taking small steps, but at least I am moving.

As soon as I have some portfolio pages made up, I will be linking those up to this blog. I need to go digging for all the work I made- I know it's there. I just hid it from myself.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review of my own blog

Following an email from a blog reader, I went back and read most of my blog last night.

My god, I used to blog about the stupidest crap! HAHAHA! No wonder not a lot of people follow me! I also blogged constantly that I was gonna "make" and "post more art" and then never did! XD It was seriously a very annoying read for me. My god... *slow head shake*

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Micro-analysis of a Chavant blob

I can never tell if I have gone too far...  How much is too much?  How close is too close?

Well- I these glasses are any indication: I am TOO DAMN CLOSE!  XD

I have finished sculpting Joker. Now all that is left is refining and polishing and finally painting!  It's a very cool feeling. Mahoney gave me a pair of magnifying glasses today to help me work. 

Well, let's just say that it only exacerbates my OCD/perfectionist tendencies!  Haha. I was sitting with my nose about an inch and a half from Joker and while raking him, would see a massive amount of clay collecting on the rake, so I would pull it down to wipe it off to find- there was barely any Chavant ON the tool!  Or I accidentally swipe the rake handle against something already smoothed out to leave a HUGE GOUGE- lift glasses to check the damage and it's a hair-width.  XD

Repeat that for six hours!

But the improvements cannot be denied. He's looking sleek and clean! I am truly itching to paint him!

(NOTE: yes, his flower is missing from his lapel but that is because it would be too delicate to rake.  It will be attached right before painting.)

Life in LA is Strange

It's so true- and in the strangest and yet wonderful ways possible.

Things happen in this city that just do not compute to my brain. I have done and seen things that I didn't ever think just -HAPPENED!-

Sorry, just feeling very... fortunate today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Return of the Joker!!!

Been stressed and pressed lately. Trying to find work- AND a place to live for more than a week or two!- and that leaves little time for art stuffs. But I went to John Mahoney's sculpture class this morning and started working on Joker again!  I think I am honestly getting close to start refining and finishing now!  *is thrilled!!!*

Put in his right coat sleeve and glove, the spats, and fixed the gap between his legs because it BOTHERED ME!!!  Now just the flower remains, I think. The heels to his shoes were HARD, but so worth it!

That glove up front is my new favorite thing!  Thanks to Sydney for help by mentioning the wrinkles!  It was perfect. 

Also...  We messed around. Sydney is yes bomb at hands!
"Excuse me, Mr. Joker?"