Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Camera War Rages On...

Back in the very first week of my freshman year at CalArts, a classmate and friend of mine, Elyse Filigheri, challenged me (well, maybe we unofficially just challenged each other- it's been a really long time!) to a Camera War. We would stealthily attempt to take photos of each other- at all times of day, in every situation! In class, on trips, at dinner, while we were sleeping.... okay, maybe not so much the last one... Whoever took the most 'won'. Well, for the longest time, I truly felt I was in the lead... Then, two weeks ago, Elyse asked me to shoot some photos of her for her portfolio, website, etc. purposes. I said nothing of the war. Why should I remind her that it still exists?!

So, I took a bunch of photos of her around her gorgeous place (met her cute puppies!) and battled insane winds and cold and came up with a few I am very proud of!

I informed her after I sent the finals to her that I, of course, had won the war with this!

She says I have won the battle...

The Camera War rages on...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Second Dream come true...

So, I discovered yesterday that the second dream I wanted has come true- almost without my knowing.

My co-worker was Googling me at work to find out about me (which I find REALLY funny since we chat all day long) and in a panic, I rushed to Google myself, too, so that I might see everything she might see. A couple of seconds in, she said, "Oh, you have an imdb page."

Not gonna lie- my heart did a hiccup. I have an imdb page?! I rushed to find the link (it was half-way down the page- I have no illusions here, I ain't a star!) and discovered that the work I did for Bento Box has finally come to fruition.

My biggest dream, besides attending CalArts, of having my own page on has finally come true.

I know that sounds like a silly thing to say- I mean, you must be thinking, "But you WORKED THERE! Why would you not get credit?" And in that, I cannot argue, but I left before all of the episodes I worked on were released. I did not know how the company would handle it. After all- I've never done this before!

Now, since the show only shows on Hulu, and I don't have Hulu, I never knew when the episode was going to air. Thankfully, the internet exists.

So I found this.

That is my name- in the credits- of an animation production. This has been a dream of mine since I was 19. To say it has been a long time coming may be a serious understatement. Also, not gonna lie, I may have started to tear up a bit... There are so many emotions for me attached to this one little thing, even though it seems like such a silly thing. As a friend of mine nearly pointed out (before I stopped him from saying it so that I could enjoy the moment), it's really easy to get an imdb page. But when you are an artist in a small Texas town, Hollywood is so very very far away and it seems utterly impossible. Well, I am here to tell anyone still in the pursuit- it's not impossible! It can happen! You can MAKE it happen! Never let anyone tell you that your dream is silly or unattainable. If you want it badly enough- it is yours for the taking. So...

On to the next Dream!