Sunday, February 2, 2014

Harley Sculpture- update

Quick update:

I am taking John Mahoney's sculpture class again this semester (x2 actually, truth be told) and our first assignment is based on a live model. The model came in dressed as Harley Quinn from the Batman cartoon series. Having never actually seen it myself, I assumed I would just do my own thing- and, in a way, I did!

We started out with warm-up drawings on paper to get us loose. John photographed them and when we were ready to start the sculptures, the class as a whole had to choose one pose for us all to work on. As with most things artistic, one of the poses spoke to me. It was, of course, NOT the one chosen! HAHA! She hit this one really cute, playful pose, looking over the shoulder and I drew it with a Joker character type behind her. I was smitten with the feel of the drawing! Seeing as how our second sculpture will be a male character, I knew I had my pose! So, I got the photos of the second pose from John and just went right ahead and did that. Fan art, ho!

This is the original wire frame for the sculpture from the first class. Taken on my birthday!

That's about how far I got in the first class. Then it was lunch time. However, immediately after lunch John has his afternoon sculpture class. And guess who's in that class! Yup! ME!
So I continued work on the pose while the second class started their wire frames.

This is how far I got by the second week.

Seeing as how the cartoon character is very graphic in nature, I am pushing myself to really keep her shapes clean and simple. Therefore, I am really proud of that hip curve.

Now, this past week, I really wanted to move forward and faster. I feel so slow sometimes! So, I tried to do as much as I could. I really wanted to get in a little more detail stuff. So this is where I was by the afternoon.

Is that face not the creepiest thing ever?! *is totally creeped out*

However, at the very end of class, when I should have been cleaning up and getting out of there, I realized that the cartoon design has a VERY short torso and small shoulders. Even if her shoulders were up, like they are in the original pose, they wouldn't be that tall, so I took a plastic knife and hacked off her shoulders, all the way down to the epoxy.
I am a little worried that the torso will still be too long and there is really no way of fixing that at this point, except to bring her waist and everything else up. Seeing as how I am really happy with her legs at the moment, that would truly be a pain!

I have decided, however, that I am going to need to chop her head and neck off in order to keep them short and cute, like the cartoon ref. That is easily done, thankfully, in Chavant. Exacto blade, some heat and ice and she'll be just how I want her. Though I am trying to figure out if she is going to need wire in her neck since it is SO small and thin. For now, I will proceed without. I can always hack it off and put it back on again later.

Looking forward to class this week! My goal is to give her rough hands and feet. YAY!

OH! I forgot! My friend Isabela is making an awesome little sculpture. Here's a pic.

Oh... you can't really tell what size it is... Hmm.... Well, here's a picture of it next to my Asterope frame...

And a DIME.... for scale.


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