Saturday, August 17, 2013

I truly wish I were better at this blog thing....

So I throw you a bone: Here's some animation I have been working on for a day or two. It's so rough here and I am actually finishing it now. Into the film it goes!

Kyros rough walk from Amanda Candler on Vimeo.

Thanks for continuing to watch me you guys.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Neither Here Nor There...

I feel homeless.

Up until this afternoon, I had TWO "homes", but neither was a solid place. Today I moved out of my month-long room in the dorms and back into my Ahmanson suite where I've been most of the summer. I know I am supposed to feel relieved or something to be back here, but I don't. I'll only be here for maybe another 3 weeks? then I will be sent to move into my final dorm room at CalArts. I'm a little weirded out by that.

I purposefully didn't get too comfortable in the dorms for CSSSA- take only what you need for a month. I took even less than that. I took enough for a day or two. Every day I would walk over to Ahmanson and get anything else I needed. It saved me from needing more than one cart to move today. I did it in one big load. DONE!

But now that I am trying to adjust back to my Ahmanson suite (it's been a shell for the past month), it just feels odd. I mean... All my stuff is here... Shouldn't this be "home"? What is home? Where is mine?

I feel adrift. I feel like I have no direction. No anchor. Funny how a place can make you feel that way.

I miss working on my film.