Monday, June 6, 2016

Back to the Zoo on a lovely LA day

Hey, blog readers.

I met one of you the other day. I was supremely awkward, yet again... hahaha! (Sorry, Lindsey.) I do apologize to any one else I have ever met/will meet. I don't mean to be awkward, but I seriously forget that there are people who actually READ this blog, so when I suddenly hear someone else mentioning it, it weirds me out- hahaha I will strive harder to be cool or whatever.

Today was an unbelievably beautiful day in Southern California, so I had to head to the LA Zoo again for some sketching. Didn't get many animals in. Spent a lot of time with the gorillas. Considering what has been happening in the current events and news and such with Cincinnati, it felt right to sit there. I love to watch how smart they are. And absolutely abhor to see the short bursts of violence against the glass that the gorillas display when all of the people/kids who walk by slam on the glass to get their attention, then get upset that they get the same disrespect they give.
I sat next to two or three separate gorillas, quietly sketching, and they never displayed any sort of anger against me. God, they are such magnificent creatures! I am simply in awe.

So here are some sketches I did. For funzies.

I think my favorite thing today was the feet. Their feet are so fantastic. And the gorilla sitting and playing with his toes was the perfect thing for studying how their feet actually work.

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