Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sketching at the LA Zoo

Went to the LA Zoo yesterday to sketch. Haven't been in a bit and with the weeks my boss has given me off, I have to find something to do with myself!

Never know what to expect on a weekday at the zoo, pulled up and saw at least 10 school buses, so figured it was gonna be pretty bad... Sadly, however, it wasn't the kids who bothered me so much, but the ADULTS! The adults who make menacing noises to the giant predators that, if they had their way, would devour these idiotic people. The adults who attempt to feed animals while standing in front of signs that explicitly say to NOT TO! and the adults who then immediately demand photos of their children with the animals. I'm sorry- I started ranting, didn't I?

Here have some art!

I should go back again. Maybe tomorrow.

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