Thursday, June 16, 2016

Think fauns, centaurs- THINK!

Okay, so at life drawing last night, the model wore these huge horns. And while I know she was trying to channel a little more "Maleficent", I tried to go the faun/centaur route. I don't know how successful I was, but I would like to go back to these soon and try to spin them a little in the direction of Freddy Moore/Manu Arenas. If you don't know who Manu Arenas is- GO LOOK HIM UP NOW!

Okay, admittedly the main reason I may want to turn her into a faun or centaur was because I couldn't actually see her legs through all the people at drawing last night. I never sit in the front. But I think this could be a fun game. We shall see.

Also, not sure why I avoided her hands all night... That's not like me at all! Admittedly, I was REALLY far back...

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