Monday, September 29, 2014

Portfolio stuff and stuff

I recently discovered how this blog actually works and what all I can do with it besides just post idiotic ramblings of the naive nature, so I am working on developing some portfolio pages. I am totally excited about it, actually. Just a chance to showcase some of my work, which I believed to be not all that good until semi-recently. Well, I should say it's a work in progress.

If there is one thing, dear readers, that you should know about me, it's that I am VERY strict on myself, especially when it comes to my work. As a result, I noticed (during my recent re-read of my old entries) that I hardly ever posted artwork. Like- NONE! AT ALL! (I mean, I almost didn't even post my films!) That is a true disservice to myself and what I went through at CalArts. Thankfully, people are working with me to try to get me to admit that I AM talented, and I can make good work. But... it's a process. I can't just come out and say stuff like that. It sounds conceited.

Also, I am still trying to find the level where I feel the progress I have made. I want to be able to see some growth in my work, and usually, I just don't. At least, not compared to the progress I see in others. Part of the reason this is is that I don't practice as much as they do. And that hurts to admit. I don't draw as much as I should. But I am trying. I am trying to get back on that horse. I am taking small steps, but at least I am moving.

As soon as I have some portfolio pages made up, I will be linking those up to this blog. I need to go digging for all the work I made- I know it's there. I just hid it from myself.

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