Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Return of the Joker!!!

Been stressed and pressed lately. Trying to find work- AND a place to live for more than a week or two!- and that leaves little time for art stuffs. But I went to John Mahoney's sculpture class this morning and started working on Joker again!  I think I am honestly getting close to start refining and finishing now!  *is thrilled!!!*

Put in his right coat sleeve and glove, the spats, and fixed the gap between his legs because it BOTHERED ME!!!  Now just the flower remains, I think. The heels to his shoes were HARD, but so worth it!

That glove up front is my new favorite thing!  Thanks to Sydney for help by mentioning the wrinkles!  It was perfect. 

Also...  We messed around. Sydney is yes bomb at hands!
"Excuse me, Mr. Joker?"

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