Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Micro-analysis of a Chavant blob

I can never tell if I have gone too far...  How much is too much?  How close is too close?

Well- I these glasses are any indication: I am TOO DAMN CLOSE!  XD

I have finished sculpting Joker. Now all that is left is refining and polishing and finally painting!  It's a very cool feeling. Mahoney gave me a pair of magnifying glasses today to help me work. 

Well, let's just say that it only exacerbates my OCD/perfectionist tendencies!  Haha. I was sitting with my nose about an inch and a half from Joker and while raking him, would see a massive amount of clay collecting on the rake, so I would pull it down to wipe it off to find- there was barely any Chavant ON the tool!  Or I accidentally swipe the rake handle against something already smoothed out to leave a HUGE GOUGE- lift glasses to check the damage and it's a hair-width.  XD

Repeat that for six hours!

But the improvements cannot be denied. He's looking sleek and clean! I am truly itching to paint him!

(NOTE: yes, his flower is missing from his lapel but that is because it would be too delicate to rake.  It will be attached right before painting.)

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