Monday, January 23, 2017

Day 23 of 365

Finished the animation test last night. Very proud with how far it had come. Sent it off to the job posting, they emailed me back almost immediately. They offered me a position to help animate their trailer. I was elated. They also sent me an agreement to sign. Unfortunately, the agreement specified something that had not been made clear in the job posting. It was an unpaid internship only. I had to bow out of the project as I am not able to work for free- and I don't think anyone should have to do something like that for nothing. If your financial situation is as such that you can gamble on an unpaid position, then I am very glad for you, but the reality is: there are bills to pay. And animation is not free. I love this art form too much and respect myself too much to cheat myself. I wished them well and, Lord knows, if they came back and offered compensation as their original posting mentioned, I would GLADLY work on it. Otherwise- I am on to the next thing.

Today was FOX ANATOMY! Then that turned into a quick rough of what a fox jump might look like. Had way to much fun with this. Expect more later. <3 Love you all!

By the by- I highly recommend watching jumping fox videos! They are a DELIGHT!

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