Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Work! Well- old "new" work!

Now that Joker is completely finished, save for affixing them to a new stand, I am starting work on a new piece! Only... it's old. But it's new again!

Long story short, I started this sculpture last year, at the beginning of the semester before Harley! But... I didn't finish her before the new model came in (slow worker!), and got wrapped up with Harley, so this lady took a back seat. She just sat on top of my cube for ages. Now, I am pulling her back out and starting again. I have to fix some heinous anatomy errors and add her little "friend" on the end of the wire coming out of her arm. I so want to keep what it is a secret as long as I can- I dunno why.

I am making her a little more "lumpy" now, so that when I refine and polish her, I will still have some of that mass left. I want her- not "ripped"- but well defined. Taut, if you will. Except in certain places. Grr! Too confusing to explain it, even to myself! Basically, she's gonna be a BADASS!
I am modeling he after one of baddest badasses I know- Grace Jones!

The last image is all you get for a tease as to what she is holding.

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