Friday, January 17, 2014

Nothing really to report...

I know! I KNOW! "Who posts when they flat out admit that they have nothing to write about?!"

Well, apparently I do!

I just discovered that I have the night off and I am unsure about what to do with myself. I know I need to be working on my film, but... Tonight I just don't want to. So I'm going to write a little. I hope that's okay with you. And if it's not... Leave?

Today was the last day of the first week of the semester. That actually means very little, except that I have been to all of my classes, except- OH $*&^!!!! Gotta email someone real quick! Be right back! *runs*

Crickets chirp.

Whew! Sorry about that! I was supposed to email my teacher on Tuesday! Geez... SO! *ahem* Where were we?-

Oh yeah! Classes.
I am seriously trying to take it easy this semester- not for anyone's benefit but my own. I still have too much on my plate and by taking exactly 12 units, I am alleviating some of the strain, but I know I will need to watch it in other places as well. I am sort of sad that I might be missing out on some classes that I might have REALLY wanted to take before I left CalArts, but at this point- I just need to make sure I CAN leave CalArts!

I am taking Illustration with John Mahoney again. I want to push myself a little farther this semester, if I can. I played it a little safe last semester. I don't want to do that again. I work five hours in the Registrar's Office in the afternoon, and I am still in Monday night's 2D Character Animation with Randy Haycock. The man is amazing and I want to do better in his class this time. I feel like I somehow let him down and it kind of breaks my heart to do it. I want to animate better, faster, and- uhh, better!
On Tuesdays, I doubled up on Mahoney's Sculpture class. I will be covered in Chavant clay from 9 AM to 4 PM every Tuesday and I couldn't possibly be more thrilled about it. After that, I have my in-room hours for RA.
Wednesdays I have a very early morning RA meeting. (That's gonna suck... but maybe breakfast food?) *crosses fingers* Then I have a meeting with the career counselor here at school. She's also amazing. She's helping me get ready for graduation and applying for jobs and everything. She's really gone above and beyond her job description too. I work in the Registrar's Office again in the afternoon. Wednesday night is Film Workshop night with Chris Sonnenburg. The man is still one of the hardest guys in the industry- and I appreciate him for it, more than I can say. He's another teacher I REALLY don't want to let down.
Thursdays are ALL MINE! No classes, no meetings, no RA duty- NOTHING! It is sacred! It is MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!!!! Just like Daffy in Ali Baba Bunny!

Bugs Bunny - 009 - Ali Baba Bunny from trepo on Vimeo.

Fridays are the worst so far... TA cleaning at 7 AM.

*waits for it*

Ahem... perhaps you didn't understand me... *clears throat*


Anyway- after that, I have time to have a little breakfast, then I have my RA Office Hour. After that, the day is semi-mine, until the Friday night guest lecture- which is where I would be now... If the guy had shown up! XD Yeah, we have no clue where he is or why he didn't come tonight. Everyone just hopes he's okay.

Weekends are split between "me-time" which ACTUALLY equals "film-time" and RA duties.

I don't know yet if I will be able to pull this off, but I am going to tackle it as best I can. I hope to post some of the work for my film as I finish it. We shall see! Night!

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