Monday, January 20, 2014

New Love?

I don't know how to start this post, except to say that I feel like I have discovered a new love in my life.

That's a major kind of announcement, right? Like, not something you get to say everyday... But I am starting to think that I have really discovered someone who speaks to my heart. Someone who I want to spend time with. To get to know better. To take her in.

Honestly, I found her by accident. I'm sure it was the internet or something. But that stupid song is right! "Just one look is all it took." And ever since, I can't stop thinking about her. Her gorgeous red hair, her smile, her sweet face, her eyes, her beautiful skin, her sweet personality, and her grace and charm.
She's everything I want in a woman... AND I LIKE MEN!

She's bewitched me so much that I have images of her in my cube, in my dorm room, and I am seriously thinking about putting her on my cell phone skin or something! Hell, I'm even putting her in my FILM!

The ~only~ thing I wish I could change about her: her name... Hilda.

She is the creation of Duane Bryers, an illustrator of the 1950's. And she is- in my mind- simply perfect. She's everything I wish I could be as a big woman. Unlike most pin-ups from the 40's, she is not the "ideal" shape, but one single image of Hilda has more personality and heart than a thousand pin-up's of Betty Grable, Jane Russell (one of my favorites, actually), Veronica Lake, and Marilyn- all combined! Because Bryers wasn't limited to the typical pin-up poses, designed to show off the most desired parts of the female figure in their most 'flattering' views, he was free to do, well, basically anything he wanted. And did! You look at some of the poses and you just have to laugh! They are the most awkward positions imaginable! And yet, Hilda comes through, in sparkling fashion, to give us another glimpse at her personality and charm.

I love that she loves animals. And food! And just being. She is sweet to all animals and has hobbies! She paints, plays instruments, and does her own home repair! She is a woman after my own heart! She is active and fun and a working girl. A little country bumpkin.
I can relate to this a little. I ain't never milked a cow or anything, nor do I intend to any time in the near future! But as a Southern girl, I understand her.

Anyway, no- I am not coming out or anything. As I said- I like men. But I do think Hilda is absolutely beautiful. And as much as I would like to bottle her or something, I cannot keep her to myself. It would be cruel to cage such a sweet creature.

And I hope someone else reading this blog may discover her as I did. I am sharing the love. Pass it on! Hilda would...

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