Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kyros Sculpture- Almost there...

"Almost there... alllmost there..."

God, I cannot tell you how badly I wish to be FINISHED with this sculpture! I am SO CLOSE! I mean, I can friggin' taste it! Okay, well, not really... unless I stick my Chavant-covered fingers in my mouth- but that's just GROSS!

I am doing last touch-ups on this sculpture for my grad review. Basically, making sure all his sides and stuff are smooth and even and stuff... yeah. That means raking. And if I had guitar wire of my own, he'd be done now. But I only have really thin wire. So I will have to finish him on Tuesday- PLEASE GOD- LET ME FINISH HIM ON TUESDAY!?!?!

In other news, saw Captain Phillips today. Nice movie, but the shay-cam nearly made me ralph. *shakes head* I will never understand the over-use of that stuff.


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