Sunday, December 8, 2013


Yes- blog title is correct. I am pretty sure there are more grey hairs on my head, but I've no time to inspect them. I am just assuming they are there at this moment.

The killer assignment this semester is Bruce Block's Film Grammar "book". We all breathed a sigh of relief the world has never known when he emailed us to tell us that he would NOT be requiring us to make a film this semester as well!

The book was to make 60 different pictures of the principles taught in class. Yes- SIXTY. Six of each. After the first week, when I tried to Photoshop it like everyone else, I got an email from Bruce informing me that I had to redo four of them. After that, I decided to *&^% Photoshop and the entire freaking day it took me to do all that- and I picked up my beautiful, faithful, trusty Rebel xTi. (< That's a camera.) Bruce said we were allowed to use photography if we so desired and I so did!

It ended up saving me a lot, but it ended up hurting a lot too. I am still bound to the campus for the most part (no time or car), so I was limited with what i could do, but DAMN! If I say so myself, I am pretty freaking happy with a bunch of these! Enjoy!

My ETERNAL gratitude to my models- Lexy, Phillip, Elizabeth, Aaron, Alexandra, Gavin, Clare, Onion, Sean, the reluctant Mirae, and the even MORE reluctant Rose!

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