Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kyros sculpture: progress

I am getting very close now to completely finishing my Kyros sculpture- which is a very good thing, seeing as how I have my grad review in a little under two weeks. I am absolutely thrilled with how he is looking.

I think a little more work on the arms to bring them back out, fixing the other elbow to have those neat old man skin wrinkles above them, clean up the waist fold of his chiton and then a polish down of the fabric and I think he'll be completely done! After all that, I'll clean and stain the base. I am thinking maybe Greek design motifs in it! EEEEEEE!!!!! *is getting excited* Maybe I could do that on the hem of his clothes too? Your thoughts?

I can't believe how well he came out. He basically looks exactly like I wanted him to- though I didn't know it when I started. I originally intended to keep 100% faithful to the animation design her has- very graphic and shape oriented, but I like this 3D version of him very much. It's nice to see him in a different mode.

In other news, as I said- grad review is coming up. Also, I am starting to look at job postings. I have more film studies for you, but that will have to wait for another post. Love you guys!

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