Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kyros Sculpture: Update

Here it is! Week 3!

Decided I would do a quick little update before I head to bed. Had Sculpture class today (I so look forward to this class, even when I feel as rotten as I felt today) and got to start refining Kyros' body. I really need to start working on that poor face!

I am REALLY glad with the way he is coming out. I don't think I want to smooth out his muscles. I really like the stringy look. I will consult with John as to what to do for the final. I finally got a guitar string from a guy here at school so I can make my own rake. I am SO stoked!

ENJOY the pics!

My Kyros with his live-action model, as you can see. Notice the hunched back, the long ears, the beard. Yeah, I am truly thrilled at how I am able to capture the resemblance... XD

I am guessing it is pretty obvious where I spent the majority of class... I LOVE how this is coming out.

I also love the sunken in chest. I love how it feels and now how it looks. It's a shame I will have to cover it with his chiton. Though I am chomping at the bit to maybe do some fabric wrinkles in it, even though his film design doesn't have it.

I am so happy- he finally has wrists!

NIGHT, all!

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