Saturday, October 19, 2013

He finally has a face!

So, I'm not sure, but I might have missed one update on the Kyros sculpture. Whatever! Here's the update. After class last week- and for the long weekend- I decided to really have a go at Kyros and try to move him along since we were starting a new sculpture this week.

I worked on him for almost 9 hours!? (How the EFF is ~THAT~ possible?!?!) Anyway, now he has a face! Both feet. And a hand. He's only missing details in the face, the other hand and his top portion of his chiton, along with the fibulas. After we finish this new sculpture, I will go back and finish Kyros for good. I must say- I am very happy with how he has come out.

He always looks so funny from high up to me.

And I really want to find a way to make the gaps under his arms better... I hate the weird gap they leave. Like it's too big or something....

I also must say- I could not be happier with his profile.

Lookit that gorgeous hand! LOVE that hand! Must make the other look just as good.

Also, just as the stupidest "SNEAK PEEK" ever- here's the beginning of the next sculpture!

Doesn't that just whet your appetite!


  1. Looks awesome *_* Profile is simply amazing *_*

    1. D'awwwww!!! That you, hunnie! Actually, I want to say that the reason he works best in profile is because he's based off actual Greek pottery- where, you guessed it, everyone is usually drawn in profile! <3