Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer work Pt.2

So, I have been writing almost every day this summer.  If I were a better person, I would be able to say every day, but I can't.  The yucky part is that- for all the work I've done, I can't show you guys.  Writing is just not the same as pretty pictures, is it?

I missed going to the zoo yesterday because of work.  It sucks, but- "gotta have goals", right?  XD  (Thank you, Pretty Woman for supplying me with life advice!)  But I still hope to go at some point this summer- hopefully repeatedly.

Worked a bit on cleaning up my Star Wars boards last night.  (I might have finished too, if it weren't for friends and a distraction called Team Fortress....)  I have about half the scene done, I think.  I will try to head to school tomorrow to do some more.  Unfortunately, the scanners will be going down tonight, so no updates on the blog until the labs open up again.  Sorry guys- I know you were all waiting with baited breathe for that....

Which is why you are all blue in the face now.....

And dead....

Which is why no one ever comments....  XD  I crack myself up....  *sigh*

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