Friday, May 25, 2012

Summer work Pt.1

Guess what I am working on/finishing!!!

I am up to 147 boards now (up from 146 when I realized that I had two #89's....)
I hope to finish this up and scan them in so I can time them out to the actual film.  The ultimate goal will be for everyone to be able to "see" the film in an animatic (animated storyboard) form, complete with dialogue, soundtrack, and SFX.

Admit it- YOU wanna see it just as bad as I do!

Also, I feel the need to note: This is NOT just me being a supreme-geek...  I am learning a lot about the choices the director made in this film, but also, I am noticing layout, lighting, cuts, and how the eyes lead this scene so we know where we are.  See?!  Film school is teachin' me stuff!  <3

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