Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Call Me Maybe- Animator-style!

Okay, so has anyone else been seeing these Call Me Maybe van videos?

Harvard Baseball- Call Me Maybe

I saw that first one and thought it was sort of funny....  A little repetitive, but whatever...  Choreography is hard...  especially for guys who don't dance or whatever.  But then I saw the "response" video of a girls' rowing team doing a better job and it got me to thinking....

Couldn't CalArts Character Animation do one of these?  But WAAAAY more funny?

For instance, the teams start with the song and then break into the dance.  Well, what if Character started listening to her song, but we all realized that we weren't "cool" enough to know the lyrics and stuff?  Then we find a Disney song and all hell breaks loose or something?  I haven't picked a song yet- there are so many good ones!- but I think we could come up with some elaborate choreography and film this on some field trip next year?  I drive the van, so I can't dance, but this would seriously be some fun!  The only thing is: we would need to plan who was going in the van way in advance and learn the dance...  Oh....  and we need a field trip to go on!  haha!

I want to do this.  Anyone up for it?

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