Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yup, I was right.... I couldn't keep it up.

I missed my update by a day already... I can see this is going to fail epically... It is just the way of things...

So, I ~HAVE~ to post about this because it might have been one of the COOLEST single classes I have EVER been to! Our Digital Methods: Sound professor, Ben Huff (imdb the man! WOW!) had a friend of his, Crispin Freeman (imdb him too! OMFG!) to talk to us about working with voice actors. If he had just TALKED to us about this, it still would have been in my Top Ten Favorite Single Classes ever, because he gave us SO MUCH information that REALLY cleared a lot of stuff up for me! However, to really let us get an idea of what it feels like to work with a director and what a voice actor has to work with, he took us to the CalArts Sound Booth. OMFG!

BESIDES just SEEING it and learning about what you can do in there, HE HAD SOME OF US READ DIALOG! Two to three people were chosen to read parts of a script written by our very own peers! They would read it once, just to get an idea of the dialog, then the "director" (student who wrote it) would give notes and then they would read it again, until it was what the Director was looking for. OMG! It was so cool to see how that worked!
And I guess it was a good thing that I was listening, because I got chosen to read for a part for my friend/cubemate, Louise! OMFG! I was terrified. Because all 28 of my other classmates were on the other side of a piece of glass, STARING at me! XD Thankfully, I got to read with Erica and Aksel, so I wasn't alone. But it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!

Oddly enough, going through that- the performance anxiety, etc. I was rip and roaring ready to go to my next class. Interesting how that works. More on that other class some other time.

One night after class, my other cubemate, Portlynn was having a tough time and basically, it ended in all of us in the hallways around our cube, doing caricatures on the walls... NOT doing our homework! XD But it was nice and now the walls are not nearly as naked. I hate plain white walls.
That's Bo (my OTHER cubemate) with her caricature, as drawn by Portlynn.

In personal news, my story got it's ass kicked this week. I pitched my film idea to my Story professor, Jim Hull (CONGRATULATIONS to him, btw) and he tore it APART! Basically, it was an animation-heavy film. He said that he recalled that I wanted to go into Story and I said I thought I still did and he said I needed a story-heavy film then... So I am back at square one. New beatboards, story, script, and storyboards. Thankfully, I got some AMAZING help from Louise today in the Kafe, so I am on my way! <3


Big stuff coming up in the next few weeks! OMG!

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