Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trying to be better at this...

I really am going to try to update this weekly... Let's see how long I can keep that up! XD *personally thinks she'll fail in less than a week*

So, this past week at school has been SUPER AMAZING and super down for me... personal rollercoaster, if you will... Trying to remember what I am here for. I know it sounds like it's super easy to answer, but there are a lot of things at work internally at the moment, so... yeah- moving on.

I am finally officially and literally moved into my cube now. My room looks better because all my crap is out of it and my cube looks better because all my crap is IN it! XD

(drawing courtesy of Louise Smythe- who amazes me every day!)

Got to pitch story boards for an assignment in Story last week. A fun time was had by most!

This week, Dave Pimentel of DreamWorks came to talk to us. AMAZING visit.
Also had a guest in Digital Methods: Sound class- Crispin Freeman (voice actor extraordinaire!)

Other than that, still working my @$$ off... I am an authorized Institute Driver now- HAHA! So yeah- next week, same animation time, same animation place? (We'll see!)

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