Monday, March 23, 2009

Portfolio Review Notes

So I called Libby Hux at CalArts today during my lunch break and finally managed to get her in person. She had my file right there because she knew I was going to call and she gave me the notes off my portfolio from the Admissions review board.

The first note was a bit longer I think than the rest, or maybe this is several notes- whatever!
- Figurative work needs more vigor. (Part of this I already knew, but it's also good to hear it, too. I know I need to address the "vigor" part... because currently I have no idea what I actually need to DO to fix this...)
- Perspective work is good but you need to loosen up. (This was mildly unexpected, but also- GOOD TO HEAR!)
- Nice animals and layouts. (Need to analyze what exactly this means, really... Not 100% clear, but worth looking into and still trying to improve on.)
- Needs more life drawing experience. (Again, sort of already knew this, but very good to hear.)

The other note on the portfolio was:

So... yeah... Libby said that the notes were overall good, but I am well aware of what my weaknesses are and what I need to address. So, now that I know this information I am forming a plan.

The Plan:
- Attend my Analysis of Form class- RELIGIOUSLY!
- sneak into "sit in" any figure drawing classes offered during Summer Session at AAU
- Attend my Figure Drawing class during Fall semester- RELIGIOUSLY!
- try to go to Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School in San Francisco every month
- draw the buildings of AAU (dorm, etc.)
- draw any other buildings I like in SF
- go to Golden Gate Bridge and draw that a couple of times
- start a sketchbook !!! (I haven't been able to keep on up since my art block)

When I asked Libby if there were any other things I could do to "improve" upon my portfolio through presentation, etc. she said I should go to one of the National Portfolio Days. After joking about the schedule and the improbability of being able to get to one, she suggested swinging by CalArts and meeting with her. Guess what... She's ON! I'm going to find a way to get down to Valencia once I start up school in SF, get a good direction and GO FOR IT!

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