Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dark Night of the Soul

I'll try to keep this brief, without too much detail, but-

All that stuff about how a character has to go through the "dark night of the soul" in order to come out on top and have a true victory at the end of a film- it's complete crap when it's your actual LIFE! I've seen characters in so many stories and films that suffer these scenes, you know? Those Oscar-clip moments where they break down and sob and reaffirm their determination of seeing something through- of going for that dream.

It's all complete crap when it actually happens to you- because it doesn't last for only a scene. It doesn't last for only a few painful minutes with a killer score. And the crying is not a beautifully lit moment- it is UGLY. It is painful. It is the WORST!

And let me tell you- you don't ALWAYS end up wanting to reaffirm your desire to continue trying for that dream. Sometimes that dream beats you up so much that you actually start to think maybe you should give up. Maybe you won't make it. Maybe your whole pursuit of this dream was an utter waste. Maybe it was the single worst decision in your life. Maybe this whole dream thing has irrevocably destroyed the rest of your life...

But they don't make films about the people who give up, do they? I leave the answers to you.

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