Saturday, August 13, 2016

How NOT to Pass A Storyboard Test!

I debated whether or not to post this, but as I claim that this blog is a record of my journey into the animation industry, I feel it only right to post this. So, in homage to my largest ever post on this blog, "How to NOT Get Accepted to CalArts!", I present "How NOT to Pass A Storyboard Test!".

Several months ago, I guess it was January, I applied to a great little studio out here and was granted a storyboard test. (For those of you who don't know- a storyboard test is what a studio gives you to apply for a storyboarding job. They care less about a resume- for a story job, it's ALLLL about the test!) I have taken a couple at this point. Never been very happy with them. Usually, I stress myself out so much that I just flail! (Really should stop over-thinking everything...) This particular test was cool in that I got to try to board a short story out of Walt Disney's life. A little known story, I guess. I liked it right away. I had one week.

SOOO MUCH PAPER later and SEVERAL uhhh, complications including running a friend to the hospital and catching the flu, I had what I guessed was an okay test. There were sections I was definitely happier with, and several, I was just NOT! But- I turned it in and hoped for the best.

Long story short- I did not get the job. It happens. You apply, you get rejected or you just never hear back. (Still can't decide which of those is worse.) BUT! One great thing came out of taking the storyboard test. When I got to the studio, I saw that they were also testing for Inbetweeners! (I later took that test as well! Felt MUCH better about that one! Still didn't get it, but not because of any failing on my part, I was assured.)

Saw this video posted on Facebook a while back. It is from the company AND it just happens to include several storyboard tests. Once of which happens to belong to yours truly. Now, I'm not going to come right out and say which one is mine, maybe you can figure it out yourself, maybe you can't, but there is some GREAT information in here for anyone else looking into storyboarding for the animation industry!

I couldn't believe he named the video that- it IMMEDIATELY reminded me of my blog post from 6 years ago!

I took down all of his notes for my reference next time. Glad to have the input. I hope some of you can find something useful to apply to your work too. (Sorry the video is so long. He really does break down a lot though!)

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