Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hillbilly Heaven!

Just gotta keep drawing!

You never know when something will suddenly click. Backstory: We have a model who comes to CSG and I've seen him before, and we just did not click. I disliked the poses, I disliked the character he dressed as, I just didn't get anything from him. I eventually left early. The rest of the evening went unbelievably horrible.

But on Wednesday, he came back. I was immediately a little hesitant. Would it be another bad night? Would I get anything I could use? Then he put on this wig... This wig was the worst wig ever- the cut was uneven and choppy and man, I just FED ON IT! I made the hair cover his eyes and suddenly, I had a little character! I drew the guy for the rest of the night! Sometimes I drew him taller, sometimes shorter, but I liked him either way.

Okay, so I seriously need to work on my rabbits, but whatever!

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