Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Second Dream come true...

So, I discovered yesterday that the second dream I wanted has come true- almost without my knowing.

My co-worker was Googling me at work to find out about me (which I find REALLY funny since we chat all day long) and in a panic, I rushed to Google myself, too, so that I might see everything she might see. A couple of seconds in, she said, "Oh, you have an imdb page."

Not gonna lie- my heart did a hiccup. I have an imdb page?! I rushed to find the link (it was half-way down the page- I have no illusions here, I ain't a star!) and discovered that the work I did for Bento Box has finally come to fruition.

My biggest dream, besides attending CalArts, of having my own page on has finally come true.

I know that sounds like a silly thing to say- I mean, you must be thinking, "But you WORKED THERE! Why would you not get credit?" And in that, I cannot argue, but I left before all of the episodes I worked on were released. I did not know how the company would handle it. After all- I've never done this before!

Now, since the show only shows on Hulu, and I don't have Hulu, I never knew when the episode was going to air. Thankfully, the internet exists.

So I found this.

That is my name- in the credits- of an animation production. This has been a dream of mine since I was 19. To say it has been a long time coming may be a serious understatement. Also, not gonna lie, I may have started to tear up a bit... There are so many emotions for me attached to this one little thing, even though it seems like such a silly thing. As a friend of mine nearly pointed out (before I stopped him from saying it so that I could enjoy the moment), it's really easy to get an imdb page. But when you are an artist in a small Texas town, Hollywood is so very very far away and it seems utterly impossible. Well, I am here to tell anyone still in the pursuit- it's not impossible! It can happen! You can MAKE it happen! Never let anyone tell you that your dream is silly or unattainable. If you want it badly enough- it is yours for the taking. So...

On to the next Dream!

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