Thursday, July 17, 2014

One of the best moments of my day...

I am coming up of the end of my sixth week here at Pixar. Tomorrow I will officially be half-way done. That really puts a lot in perspective.

Working at Pixar has taught me so much. A lot I kind of knew coming in, and a LOT I had no idea about! There have been a LOT of ups and a few downs. But regardless with what has happened in my day, one of my favorite moments of my day (usually late afternoon or right before I leave) is sitting at my desk, and hearing someone in my POD play their banjo. It's never very fast or toe-tappy, but just gentle, fun little plucks. It's unusual to me- don't know a lot of people who play the banjo. Everyone at CalArts seemed to all play the ukelele, and the only banjo I am familiar with is like Dueling Banjos and such. (Deliverance comes to mind...) But this is anything but. It's pleasant and calming and a sliver of fun, because it never fails to bring a little smile to my face.

I play internet radio at my desk all day- on the very lowest sound level possible so it disturbs no one at all, sometimes I can't even tell what song it is- but it's just loud enough that I have sound in the POD. (It can get SO quiet up here sometimes!) But anytime I hear that banjo start to play, even if my FAVORITE SONG IN THE WORLD is on... that tab is closed so that I can enjoy that live music.

I used to walk around CalArts my senior year and tell people how MUCH I would miss the live music that you can find playing on campus- at ANY hour of the day or night- and I would lament that I would never get that again in the professional world. Granted, it doesn't play all day (I'm lucky if I get 20 minutes worth), but you have no idea the difference it makes in my day. I look forward to it more than you could ever know.

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