Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Never thought I would miss Chavant so much...

under my fingernails...

As the title says- I can't believe it's been like a month since I went to sculpture class. My Joker would have a layer or two of dust on him... if he hadn't been in a glass case... *sigh*

Well, my sculpture toolbox had a layer of dust! sort of... I cleaned it off in the middle of crunch time... rats!

Regardless of whether he had dust or not, I was FINALLY able to get back to Joker this week- and boy did I miss him! I haven't posted any progress shots from the classes I did go to because usually I was running out of them as fast as possible. (I have my in-room hours right after class.) So this is going to LOOK like I got a LOT of work done REALLY FAST- but that's all fake. The last thing I did on him before films was his face, I think.

I started clothing today out of some frustration. I am pretty happy with where that is headed. The hardest thing is gonna be the coattails of his jacket. Gonna have to cross that bridge when I get to it. For now, it does not worry me.

As you can see- I have not yet attacked the hands... After the drama of Harley's hands, I am not exactly chomping at the bit to get to those, but I will eventually.

My ENTIRE CLASS (and I mean everyone- including the teacher John Mahoney!) are upset that I will apparently be covering Joker's ass with a coat! They keep telling me how lush it is and weird stuff like that! XD I don't know- what the- I just- I don't get it! They keep teasing me that since I've "spent so much time on it", making it look so- uhh, I - buh!

Between you and me though- *whispers* I really like the creases in his pants!

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