Friday, October 5, 2012

Light Animation in BLACKOUT!

On September 28th or 29th (I seriously don't remember which), the Chouinard dorms- indeed the entire city BLOCK that CalArts is on, perhaps the majority of Valencia- lost power. I crawled into bed, just thinking I would ride out the blackout (& loss of A/C) by sleeping through it. Within minutes it seemed, two of my residents and friends, Isabela and Jamie were knocking on my door. They invited me to join them in animating in the dark! So, while still in my jammies, I ran down to their room where the camera was already set up and the LEDs were glowin'! We made dozens of little animations and photos of random stuff. It was SOOOOO MUCH FUN! Reminds me so much of the New Years' sparkler-drawings I do with my buds back in Texas. Miss those guys! So enjoy some short animations! <3

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