Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MAJOR update

Well, this post won't be HUGE, but it is definitely an update.

I apologize once again for being super-quiet around here, but life has been crazy-insane-busy the last few weeks.

The big news is: for about five months now, in addition to my classes, homework, and jobs, I have been working with the Film/Video department/fighting with the Art department to secure the Character Animation Main Gallery show here on campus.  And I will sum up those five months by saying that things were NOT going well....  We organized a petition and have been collected signatures to ensure that this situation will NEVER happen again, but basically all hope for this year was lost.

Then today, we got the biggest news and the best we could have ever hoped for.  A space opened up and we have a show!  The Main Gallery show will be Feb. 11th- Feb. 18th, with a reception on Feb. 16th.  We are BEYOND thrilled and hope to make this show one to remember!

If you are a CalArts student now, or an alum, or just a friend somewhere in the nearby area- PLEASE swing by on the 16th to browse the work, get a free caricature drawn by one of the students and support us in our show.  Thanks!

- Amanda

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