Saturday, February 18, 2012


So the Main Gallery show was a COMPLETE SUCCESS!  (Probably pictures to follow soon.)  I couldn't have done it without all the support and help of my amazing department and school and classmates.  I am constantly amazed at their love and the sense of community here at CalArts.

Also, I got what must be the most awesome thank you card ever....

It was signed by SO MANY PEOPLE!  I'll go ahead and spoil the mystery- I cried when I started reading it....  (I am not posting the inside, because I want to keep it for myself.)  Thank you so much to my stellar cubemate, Louise for making it for me and for tracking down the people to sign it.  Seriously, Louise- if you are reading this- that card means so much to me.  You may never know.

Been working on this for what feels like WEEKS!  Time to show off!

Now back to work- I mean...  I guess it's time to go to bed...  It's 4:30 in the morning!

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  1. Amanda!! Thank you again for making the show happen! Also, your hula girl is Adorable :DDDD