Saturday, November 5, 2011

Waiting on my laundry...

So I missed my update of Friday again... I am starting to wonder if I should just change it to Saturdays? XD But then again- I have a lot of very busy-looking Saturdays coming up, so then I would miss those.... whatever! I am updating!

(and guess who got the dysfunctional dryer.... AGAIN!) ~_~

So, lots of stuff is happening at school... Not all of it great, but busy. I am truly excited some of the upcoming stuff too! OMG! I wish I could tell you, like... two, readers about it!

So this is what Animation classes are like- we get to sit in a huge room, with a HUGE projector and watch AWESOME movies! Like Iron Giant! XD Actually, we just watched a smidge of it- this is Layout class with Dan. We are learning about lighting and how it affects a scene, I think.
(Oh yeah.... the guy with the AMAZING hair in front is Jason Reicher- bad-ass extraordinaire!)

Here's what I looked like in class that day... Because, you know, it was HALLOWEEN and NOT because I am some freaky art school kid! pshaw! As if! I got a lot of compliments and a LOT of people asking what I was.... I had to admit that in fact the only reason I did all that painting was so that I could wear the black feather eyelashes! XD They were AWESOME! And so light! (But I felt like I was wearing a hat or a hoodie all day...)

And this is me when I read about dance for my Modern Dance History class.... I can't help it.... I miss dance... And anytime I read about it, I want to do stuff... XD *is embarrassed and proud at the same time...* I am a complex person! XD *snort*

So Friday night, the 48 Hour Films were announced. The inculpable and amazing Mr. Tom Law is running the show. And what did I happen to see in front of me today at the James Baxter lecture? Oh, Mr. Law had shaved this into his hair! XD Tom- you totally win.

Now how about some actual ART on my blog?! YES?!
My roomie, Hannah, and I are both hoping to go into story someday, so we decided to do a little practicing. We put on Forrest Gump and paused every few scenes and had 5 minutes to board the shot. It was MEGA-FUN to do and I hope she and I can do it every week.

And here are the "finished" Star Wars boards I did. I've been working on them off and on for a few weeks. They make me happy. What you are seeing are 9 of 130 BOARDS and I am STILL not done with the entire scene! I have killed countless markers (and I bought more today...) and while I can't really use them for much since Star Wars is heavily copyrighted or whatever, I am thinking of scanning them all in and timing them out exactly to the film during Winter Break and having them as an animatic. Any thoughts?

To top the evening off- I just got to swing dance in the Main Gallery! <3 I love this school...

Also- I got new jammie pants today! XD They're orange (fav color) with polar bears all over them (my grandfather's favorite animal!). I had to have them!


  1. you are SO flexible! I had no idea!

  2. *blush* yeah, not a lot of people do... I used to be so much more, but being an animator has not been good to me! XD

  3. Ohmai o.o me either (refering to your startling display of flexibility)! XD That's it, you and I are going to yoga next time you come down! XD

    Those storyboards look great love <3 star wars ftw, and the FG quickies ^^ and your makeup too! At least you did something for halloween, I was lame and didn't dress up at all XD best I can offer is a halloween work party where I nommed and fled after watching Cynde in the costume contest lol >.>

  4. Deal, babe.

    If anyone in the world would appreciate my SW boards as much as I do, I knew it would be you. <3
    What was she for Halloween?!

  5. Truth ^^ and she was a software pirate XD i.e. renfaire garb, twas adorable <3